A Month Without Wifi

It’s Wifi time!  Happy December!

Well, now the month is up, and I set up my internet this morning.  But I kind of wanted to write about what my month was like without the convenience of having at-home wifi.

Caveats & Cheats

Alright, I have a confession: I wasn’t completely disconnected from the internet throughout November.

I was still able to access the internet at work, friends’ houses, and I have “unlimited data” on my phone.  I put that in quotes because T-Mobile started to throttle me after I downloaded Delta Rune via 4G/LTE.

During my Thanksgiving weekend, I visited and connected to my parents’ wifi.  However, I wasn’t really online much, because I got food poisoning and spent most of my trip throwing up and sleeping.

Wifi-Free State of Mind

Honestly, the month wasn’t that bad, especially with the aforementioned caveats in mind.  I was still able to use my cell data to complete my important day-to-day business.  However, due to the inconvenience, I was less willing to spend time on my phone.  I’m definitely a laptop gal.

This led me to pick up some other old hobbies, particularly reading and writing.  Surprisingly, I didn’t work on music at all during this break, and I wasn’t particularly interested in drawing, either.  

Homemaker: Wife Me Up, Quentin

Since I recently moved, I decided to make my new apartment a little less empty.  My goal was to do one “homemaking” activity every day, and it ate up a bunch of my leisurely time.  It makes me very happy.

Aside from this cabinet project, I also put together my bed and table and began building my pantry collection.  Over the next few months, I’ll be doing more like this, but I can only progress as quickly as my income allows.

The bed was a fun project.  You can really see the progress.  For a week, I was sleeping on my sister’s camping pad on the floor.  Then, I bought a Tuft & Needle mattress, and slept on that for a week.  Finally, I bought and put together a bed for it!


Reading was one of my biggest past-times during this month.  I set a new years goal in January to read one book every month.  Well, I read one book in January, then didn’t even pick up another book until August.  Read a couple of books here and there, but November was a record for me: four books!  Now I just have two more books to read in December to make my goal.  🙂

I already talked about my experience with journaling, so I won’t go too much into detail about that.  Though I will reiterate how refreshing it feels to get all of my brain-muck out on paper as well as into the internet.

Friends & Family

One of my favourite activities of the past month included hanging out with my buddy Kyle while he was filming a music video for this guy Taibanz.  It’s been a lot of fun being the lighting crew and moral-support-cheerleader. 

Visiting home for Thanksgiving was great as well (despite the sickness).  I hadn’t seen my extended family in forever — especially some of my cousins, aunts, and uncles.

My sister and I have been hanging out a lot as well, buying groceries together and (trying to go to) yoga.  We’re also attempting to start Sunday night dinners together, but we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.


For the most part, I haven’t even been home very often to be on Wifi.  I work from 8 am – 5 pm, taking an hour break in the middle for lunch.  Usually, I do walk home for lunch, but the entire time is spent making and eating my meal.

Working all day also makes me tired, so I generally sleep pretty early, which levitates the need to fill in spare time with internet consumption.  I’ve been trying to keep my sleep schedule at around 8 pm – 5 am, the inverse of my work schedule.

Setting Rules

Now that I have Wifi again, I think I’m going to set up some rules for myself.  I don’t want to be online within the half-hour before bedtime.  I also don’t want to waste away my morning with internet browsing, so I’ll just set my “allotted” internet time to be 7:30 am – 7:30 pm.  Again, most of this time is spent at work, so I won’t necessarily be online anyway, but the time still stands for the weekends.

I also want to use it to spend more time with my boyfriend, Quentin.  For those of you who don’t know, we’re in a long-distance relationship (he lives in France).  We hadn’t really done discord calls or anything like that since we started dating, mostly because my anxiety manifests itself in any form of speaking.  But I want to improve on that, and my therapist challenged me to do more calls with him (and friends).  So I’m going to try!