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Last year, I came up with a bunch of cool new years resolutions. I woke up really excited to review them this morning and see how I did.

Then I realised I deleted it sometime this year. Probably in the process of separating my main domains and their corresponding blogs (maryn/telepathics/revertdata). Great.

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2018 Resolutions Review

Unfortnuately, I only really remember two of the resolutions I made. At least I can reflect on those.

Drink More Water

The full resolution was actually something like “drink at least 50 oz of water for 50% of 2018”. Over last winter break, I created an application to help me keep track of this.

Resolution met: no. I didn’t even meet half of half of my goal.

Resolutions in Drinking More Water

At least I can honestly say I ended up drinking a lot more water than I did the previous year, even if I didn’t meet 50 oz a day. I generally only had about 6 oz a day in 2017.

In addition, I only logged when I drank plain water, not water that I mixed with something (like Mio). There were also some days where I drank water, but forgot to log. To keep it relatively “true” (i.e, not estimating my intake), I only kept my accurate logs.

Something that really helped with this was my reusable water bottle. It carries roughly 20 oz of water (which is why a lot of my dates are in increments of 20). It also helped to have this app to remind me every single day.

To carry over the resolution for next year, I’m going to be lowering my goal to 20 oz a day (one water bottle), but aiming for 75% of 2019 to be 40 oz or more. If that makes sense. I’ll have to fix my app a little bit to reflect this new goal (and store my old logs as well as new ones), which I have been meaning to do anyway.

Read More Books

The full resolution was to read 12 books, at the rate of one book per month. I started out the year strong, finishing Animal Farm before I even went back home after New Years.

Resolution met: no. I finished a little more than 8.

After January, I read basically nothing until September, then I read the other seven books until December. I’m now “currently reading” three books, but I know I won’t finish them by tomorrow. So, we’ll have to carry over the goal to next year.

However, eight books is a lot more than my 2017 record of absolute zero.

Some things that really helped me with this goal was the Goodreads challenge. I also got a Kindle in November. Having a dedicated library device kind of nudged me to read more, even if it may be a psychological placebo. I keep it on my bed at all times, and I try to read a little (no matter how little) before I fall asleep.

For next year, I’ll lower the goal a little to ten books, but I’ll be aiming for one book a month again.

2019 New Years Resolutions

Alright, enough reflection. Time for the meat of the post! These aren’t in a particular order, except for when they’ve chronologically come to mind.

Release on a Label

Honestly, it doesn’t matter which label. I just want to feel a little more validated in my music. I only started teaching myself production back in April, and I can feel that I’m getting better and better with each new project!

For measurability, I would hope to release on some kind of recognizable platform before 2019 ends. This will be stepping out of my comfort zone a bit, since all of my songs up until this point have been self-releases or something taken care of by someone I’ve collaborated with. I’d have to reach out to labels myself and see if anyone would want to pick up my projects.

Might be one of my more aggressive goals, but definitely something I can work toward.

Get Better at Math

I didn’t mention this in my Vlogmas video, but I really want to get better at Math. It was definitely my worst subject all throughout school, and it honestly scares me.

You wanna know something embarrassing? We were playing cards at Christmas, and my cousin-in-law asked me “What’s six times eight?” My nine year old cousin answered quicker than I could. Yikes.

To be a little more specific, I want to have all of my times tables memorized again, like I did back in elementary school. Like my nine-year-old cousin has. Maybe once I feel more comfortable with those, I won’t be so scared anymore and I can progress to other math subjects. I did want to take a refresher course in the Spring semester (since my tuition would be paid for by work), but HR still hasn’t gotten back to me about the reimbursement, so I dropped the class.

Learn React.JS

My full-time job as a web developer really only requires me to know WordPress development, even though my education is in Javascript, Python, and C++. I didn’t even know PHP until I started working here, and it was cool that my foundations translated so easily.

React seems like a framework popular enough to feel reasonable. It also helps that WordPress 5.0 is now built off of its groundwork, and I may have to touch it every now and again to maintain the plugins I’ve developed. In addition, there is plenty of free documentation online, so financial drawbacks shouldn’t be an obstacle.

To measure this goal, I’d like to write one personal project in React. Doesn’t even matter if it’s small or if no one uses it or if it’s transposed from one of my previous projects.

Stabilize My Routines

This goal kind of encompasses a couple of resolutions.

First, I want to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I accidentally did this in October, when I came back from France, because of the time difference. My sleep schedule for about a month was 8pm to 5am! However, I’ve kind of fallen off the horse over this winter break, so I’d like to bring it back.

The goal here will be to set a bedtime of 10pm, so I can wake up at 6am, even on weekends. Occasional slip-ups are forgivable, but let’s aim for returns of at least 88% of the year. I’ll keep track with my phone’s Health (sleeping/bedtime) feature.

Second, I want to stay off my phone when I’m in bed. I have a horrible habit of browsing Twitter as the last thing I do before I sleep and the first thing I do when I wake up. Last night, I tried out charging my phone in my office, and not even looking at it until I made my bed and my morning coffee. I already feel ten times more ready to take on the rest of the day.

Third, I want to put together a “bedtime” and “morning” routines. Not sure what this will look like yet.

To measure these resolutions, I’ll be writing a blog post about my sleep schedule and routines before the end of 2019.

Closing Remarks

I love setting New Years resolutions, but I also try to tweak and refine throughout the entirety of the year.

For example, in 2018, I reset my reading goal to 5 books back in October. When I exceeded that, I was able to read 8 books in 2018 instead of just the one I read in January.

So, throughout the year, I will be revisiting and revising. I’ll keep this post up as a Master Post for posterity. However, you can expect more in-depth analyses as separate posts, which I will link in their related sections.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy new year! Good luck with your own resolutions if you make them 🙂


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